Freelance Admin + Virtual PA

An extra pair of hands, just when you need them

Please note that I’m currently not taking on new Virtual PA / Freelance Admin clients at the moment but I do have some availability for website design.

  • Piles of pending paperwork but no time or resources to deal with them?
  • Need occasional help with your administration but not enough to employ someone?
  • Need to expand your workforce for a short period of time?
  • Need a part time temp who can be as flexible as your business needs are?

I’m flexible – I can work in your office, as needed (within 15 miles of Truro), but can also work remotely with the aid of Skype and email. I can help with all aspects of office administration including:

  • Creating and editing documents and templates, filing, formatting reports and documents, mail shots
  • Powerpoint presentations and charts
  • Invoicing, credit control, bookkeeping data entry
  • Phone answering and message relaying
  • Spreadsheeting
  • Organising your office
  • Ordering business supplies and services
  • Co-ordinating diaries
  • And much more…

I just invoice you for hours worked at the end of each month so there’s no need for payroll or employment complications!

If you haven’t got the resources or the inclination, I’m here to help. Contact me now!